Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes you are welcome to visit us . We are open Tuesday - Sundays 10am - 6 pm for a visit.

Get a get a trial class?

Yes you can enroll in a one time trial class. The trial class for the full DSA perparatory program is $225 for 3 hours

What age group is the DSA program for?

This program is for children P4 - p6

How much is the DSA program?

The fees for the DSA program varies as it depends on the number of modules you enroll for. You can call us at 6909 7679 for one of our Academy staff who will be glad to assist you.

Where are you located?

We are at 406 Joo Chiat Place 2nd Level @ The Yards S 428084

How long is one semester? How many semesters in a year

Do you offer payment plans?

Frequently Asked Questions

My child has no talent, can I DSA?

Yes . if your child is not in P6 we can still work on developing the potential in his / her passion .

My child is jack of all trades master of none. What to do?

Choose the talent that he/she is most interested in or most passionate in. that’s half the battle won. Spend resources to specialise in it.

My child's grades are good. Do we need to DSA?

DSA is an alternate way to confirm your place in the secondary school of your choice. You can still reject the offer if you feel that he can secure his / her place using PSLE scores.

His grades are bad, what’s the point of DSA?

All the more so he needs to DSA , so he can get into a better school

When is the best time to start prepping for DSA. Is it P4 or P5?

The earlier you start the better as we can develop a stronger Champion Mindset

Why would I want to go for DSA since it doesn’t exempt my child from the stress of taking the PSLE?

DSA is not an exam. It is a selection process into Secondary school. It gives you another opportunity

How many schools can I apply through DSA ?

Up to 3 MOE schools

Can I reject DSA offer?

Yes you can

My child is already enrolled in Speech classes elsewhere, how is your program different?

We prepare our students not just in interview skills, we prepare the students to DSA The Champion Mindset Way and also to develop a Creative Mind . This is only unique to us.

Is P6 too late to start prepping ?

It is better to start than not at all.

Do you have trial classes?

Yes, you can enrol in a one-time trial class. You will be billed for the 2 -hour duration of the trial class.